How to Get a Proper Health Insurance Quote

How to Get a Proper Quote

How to Get a Proper Health Insurance QuoteGetting a quote on personal health insurance is not an aspect of the process to which many customers pay a lot of attention. Getting quotes  saves time, however, and energy as well, since it makes clear what different plans are available at what levels of pricing. Getting a quote is something that has to be done right to be effective. Quoting is a vital part of an affordable health insurance transaction, and consumers should never rely on verbal quotes alone.

The Pre-quote

Even before speaking to a health insurance agent, a careful consumer will have an idea of the coverage needed. A good way to firm up this idea is to check out a number of carriers and the plans detailed on their web sites to get an idea of the features available and the cost of each plan.

Talking About Quotes

Having settled on an idea of the coverage desired, the insurance shopper should telephone as many representatives as possible. Question each in detail to determine if their company offers the coverage needed.

It is a good idea to ask about plans that are not advertised on the company’s web site to see if any attractive deals are available, and not to be reluctant to promise to get back to an agent after reviewing their information–a phone call is not a commitment to buy, and many agents will offer incentives and additional pricing structures if it is plain that the client is engaged in comparison shopping. However, it is the representative’s job to make a sale, so they should be expected to try to get the insurance shopper to make an immediate purchase from their company.

Getting a Quote

Getting a Health Insurance QuoteHaving talked things out with a personal health insurance representative and settled on a sample plan that covers all the needs of everyone to be covered, the shopper should ask the agent to provide a hard copy of the quote. If this policy turns out to be the one selected at the end of the research process it will be extremely helpful to have this written quote for reference during the rest of the process. If one employee at an agency offers  a great incentive, it is good to have the hard copy in case that is not the person with whom the final deal is made.

Another good reason to get hard copies of all quotes is the difficulty of remembering the exact details of which company promised what. This documentation is vital when the time comes to compare the quotes and it is necessary to remember exactly what each representative offered.

Getting quotes is a time-consuming process, but it is time well spent since it allows the savvy insurance shopper to get the best plan possible at a price that fits the budget. The process is simple: research the available plans and features before making personal contact with a company to find out what is available. Get all the details about every plan from every company, and always ask if the agent knows of a plan that might work better in some particular circumstance.

Last of all, get a hard copy of each quote documenting all the details to facilitate the process of comparing companies at the end of the process without having to rely on memory for all the features of all the plans. Buyers who have been through the process once may find themselves in demand in helping family and friends to get the right sort of health insurance quotes.

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